PRO TUNED: Customer Review, 2007 BMW E92 335I, +22WHP/+24WTQ gains over OTS Stage2+FMIC Aggressive, pump 94 octane


Here’s a review from @nitehawk, one of our recent customers on his PTF Pro Tune on pump gas. Thanks Saquib for this detailed review and its been a pleasure working you.



Hi guys,

I recently had my car custom tuned by ProTuningFreaks (PTF) and I thought I would share my experience/results. My car is FBO and I have been running Cobb’s latest and greatest aggressive off-the- shelf (OTS) map: S2+FMIC v402. I was curious to know if there was any room for power improvement over these OTS maps running our Petro Canada 94 octane gas. So, I got in touch with ProTUNING Freaks to see what could be done. I’m local to them, so we started off with road tuning. The OTS data logs showed my car is running strong with minimal timing corrections:

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As you can see, the OTS timing is very conservative ranging from 3 up to ~9 degrees @ 6100 RPM (my usual shift point). PTF were able to up my timing in the midrange along with some other tweaks to ensure optimum performance consistently and reliably:

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Two weeks after the road tune, we went to Champion Motors to see what the gains were. We picked up +17 whp/+14 wtq in peak numbers and a max delta of +22whp/+24wtq in the midrange @ 4900RPM! This is without making any load changes, which may yield even better results. We also did a “stock” run at the end – but with all my bolt-ons. I would expect the base numbers to be 15whp/15wtq lower if it was a true stock run:

Ambient: 80F, Humidity: 38%, Pressure: 29.69 in-Hg STD: 1.02
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I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Doing back to back pulls with the OTS map vs. the ProTuned map, you can feel a big difference in the midrange at the onset of WOT. The car just feels more “eager” to move with the added timing.

Overall, I only have good things to say about my pro-tuning experience. I’ve had some follow-up questions and logs that I was curious about and PTF have been able to respond back immediately. So, they won’t just hang you out to dry after the protune is complete. I would recommend getting a protune once you have all your bolt-on upgrades in place; I waited until I was FBO and it was the next logical step for me. I’m thinking of getting a custom E85 or meth map for my next protune.

Oh, and for those that are wondering, the Dynojet at Champion Motors is fairly conservative. As a reference, PTF made 402whp/445wtq on the same dyno with FBO+meth back when he was still on stock turbos. I’d expect peak ~400whp/~440wtq on more optimistic Dynojets (ie. Neetronics for our local guys). Anyway, here are some quick pics from Champion Motors. They’re a legit shop that mainly specializes in Vettes or LSX motors. There were some serious 900+ whp twin turbo Vettes while we were there Click here to enlarge

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