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PTF Race Intercooler and Charge Pipe Kit - NOW IN STOCK!

By Bertan Kazazic

PTF Race Intercooler and Charge Pipe Kit - NOW IN STOCK!

We're really excited to finally be able to offer our PTF Race Intercooler and Charge Pipe Kit to our BMW F-series customers along with FREE shipping in the USA and Canada.

PTF Race Intercooler

The first and key hardware upgrade for all tuned BMW F series vehicles with N13, N20/N26 and N55 engines is the front mounted air to air intercooler.

Raising boost past stock on the OEM intercooler results in the DME (engine computer) to reduce power by reducing ignition timing due to increases in IAT (intake air temperature) and associated knock levels.

This PTF Race Intercooler features over twice the internal volume compared to the stock intercooler while also outflowing the stock unit by almost 20%. Intercooler features 9 charge rows in the lower section and 6 in the top stepped portion along with end tanks that have been CFD flow analyzed and made to include a vane to efficiently direct airflow into its high quality core.

PTF Race Intercooler fitment is confirmed on the following BMW F-series vehicles:

BMW 1-Series F20 F21
Model years: 2010-2018
Model: 114i, 116i, 118i, 125i, M135i (including x-drive models)
BMW 2-Series F22 F23
Model years: 2012-2018
Model: 218i, 220i, 228i, 230i, M235i (including x-drive models)
BMW 2-Series F87
Model years: 2015-2018
Model: M2
BMW 3-Series F30 F31 F34
Model years: 2011-2018
Model: 316i, 320i, 328i, 335i (including x-drive models)
BMW 4-Series F32 F36
Model years: 2012-2018
Model: 418i, 420i, 428i, 430i, 435i (including x-drive models)

PTF Charge Pipe Kit

One of the first and key hardware upgrades for all tuned BMW F series N55 vehicles is the charge pipe. OEM plastic can have issues handling higher boost levels and deteriorates over time breaking at the intake manifold connection.
This charge pipe kit consists of two main parts: 3" mandrel bent aluminum part that features 2 bungs (1/8th-27 NPT) for those looking to run methanol/water injection (blanking plugs included), along with a silicone piece with 4 layers of polyester/aramid reinforcement made to handle high temperatures and pressures.
Parts included in the kit:
  • Aluminum pressure pipe
  • Silicone hose
  • CNC machined hose adapter for the host to intercooler hot-side outlet
  • Installation hardware for the pressure pipe
  • Two standard hose clamps

NOTE: OEM charge pipe o-ring should be re-used or replaced during installation on an as needed basis, NOT included.

Fitment for the following BMW F series vehicle models:

BMW 1-Series F20 F21
Years: 2010-2018
Vehicle models: M135i (including x-drive)

BMW 2-Series F22 F23
Year models: 2012-2018
Engine: M235i (including x-drive), M235i Racing

BMW 2-Series F87
Year models: 2015-2018
Engine: M2

BMW 3-Series F30 F31 F34
Year models: 2011-2018
Engine: 335i (including x-drive)

BMW 4-Series F32 F33 F36
Year models: 2012-2018
Engine: 435i (including x-drive)

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bootmod3 electronics: Rev2 CANBus Integration Board

By Bertan Kazazic

bootmod3 electronics: Rev2 CANBus Integration Board
Exciting news from the bm3 electronics team! With the Rev1 version of our CANBus sensor hub board completed, and now focusing on an enclosure design, we have finalized our Rev2 design as well. As mentioned in our previous post, Rev2 board builds further on the Rev1 design by expanding its input sensing abilities and adds 6 outputs.
The smaller Rev1 board features configurable CANBus conversion for 2 frequency inputs (e.g. flex sensor input), and 3 analog 0-5v inputs and will be a lower cost option for those looking to simply hook up a flex fuel sensor and possibly monitor any other sensors needed (e.g. low pressure side fuel pressure sensor on N55/B58) and be able to get Flex Fuel running using BM3 custom software enhancements right inside the DME. For flex fuel sensor integration, Zeitronix ECA2 and any other similar boards are also supported.
The Rev2 board keeps the 2 frequency inputs like the Rev1, adds 2 EGT sensor inputs, expands from 3 to 8 analog 0-5v analog inputs and adds 6 outputs. All i/o is canbus integrated for sensing and control of canbus connected systems, primarily the DME. Both boards have integrated WiFi/BLE and all configuration is done over WiFi and integrated with the bm3 app/editor for ease of use by end users and tuners. Stay tuned for the release of many of the other new features we’ve been working on over the past year and more to follow on this board as firmware development is completed.
Some pictures of the board design below:

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