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bootmod3 New Updates - Now Available!

By Dzenan Becic

v0.10.089 is now available. Updates include:
  • Updated 4bar TMAP support including an option to use 'ORIGINAL' for it (for custom tuning)
  • Cold start (cat heating) map config change for MG1 Aurix cars B58-T0-C and B58-T0-D cars (Supra, G05 X5, etc).
  • More DTC (trouble codes) English translations added
  • Implemented a change to recoding the DME on MEVD cars (N13, N20, N55, S55, S63tu, N63tu), should remove need to Online Recode for good. Keeping the Online Recode button under Diagnostics still for the time being.
  • Diagnostics -> Read codes, fixed issue with descriptions not showing up.
  • Popup error that mentioned Needing full flash before recoding, resolved.
  • Offline mode: Fixed menu items not showing up after last release's Help menu addition
  • About Screen, reset settings button fix

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