1000+hp Stock Motor 997.1 Turbo - Twin GTX3076 Turbos

By Dzenan Becic

Thought we’d share some results from last night’s tuning session. This 997.1 Turbo was brought to our friend’s at Boost Theory in Mississauga for some custom fab work a while back.

Along with some exterior aesthetic changes the car received a custom 3″ x-pipe exhaust, manifolds with Tial external wastegates that fit with Garrett GTX3076 turbos, 3.5″ intercoolers, custom y-pipe with Tial BOVs, ID1000 injectors and a Sachs 2.5 clutch. Stock plenum and throttle body are still on the car.

Dyno for this particular car was at DL Motorsports who have just a single roller Dynojet so the front driveshaft was removed as per usual. All of the tuning on our shop’s 997.1 Turbo was on an AWD Mustang that reads much lower than Dynojets as mentioned in our past threads so we were really curious what a Dynojet would end up showing.

Our tuning was done via Cobb Accessport and an external boost controller. Initially we did just some relatively mild tuning on our pump gas and got to 650whp at 17-17.5psi peak after which we moved to race gas.

Tires started to have serious traction issues. We asked a friendly 260lb bystander to have a seat in the rear for our final runs and finally had tires hooking up with the roller all the way through the RPM band making 100wtq in midrange over previous runs

Check out the final pull on our Instagram feed. This car has more left in it but we’re keeping it here for now as we’ve found motor internals to hold up without any issues on our shop car for thousands of miles of test/tune at very similar power/torque levels and tuning that we essentially replicated here on race gas while we’ve done ours on pump gas+meth.

If you take drivetrain losses into account of 15-20% this represents well over 1000hp on a stock 997.1 Turbo motor.



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